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Come on BIP BIP BIP BIP give him a hand two or three the one that you did not like mr. McDonald to this day I get nightmares because he would just look at me like all evil and he had these weird nose hairs I don’t know anyways sorry yeah that was random but he just would freak man I’m sitting .

There on my desk and he be like like this guy’s creepy and he would call me I would act upright you’re you’re a little punk and I’m like when I get big and wear tight shirts I’m going to come find you so if any of you guys see.

mr. McDonald let me know but anyways and the second teacher that I remember is miss Johnson I’ll never ever forget her when my father passed away it was hard for me to come back to school okay I came back to school and.

I’ll never forget I walked in my class and it felt as big as this I just saw all the eyes looking at me and she goes and Victor Lee talk to you for a bit so I went to the next room shows look check this out you take as much time as you need okay you take as much time as you need all right she goes I love you and don’t you don’t think.

It’s going to be always this hard it’s not going to always be this hard okay you take as much time as you need and that’s what slight edge philosophy is guys focus on progress not perfection one out of three teens is depressed and they battle that one out of three teen so count somebody in that group is battling some.

Stuff of being numb nauseous and not enough do you guys get that so you’re not alone all of us are in this together I’m nervous up here but you know what I fight through it because I know that there’s somebody that came here today that doesn’t believe in themselves so as I come up here nervous sweating I think you know what Vic stop being so selfish you’re a grown man.

You’ve read the books why are you going to be nervous when there’s to brilliant kids here and a few of them probably a third of them don’t believe in themselves and you’re sweating over that they’re the ones sweating when I went to school we didn’t have Facebook.

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